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Doing a Rat Drain Survey

Carrying out a rat drain survey including CCTV Drain Cameras
Hi here we have a drain rat survey going on as there was a rat control issue we were dealing with as you can tell from the video below in the corners here and various other places…

Using a Pest Control App and Instagram

Using a work app to help with your pest control work flow and using social media platform Instagram
Hi guys Melvyn Williams here from Triumph Pest Control just on the way to do a mouse job it's a customer I've had before. It's really good I have a digital system which stores …

Tips And Advice on getting rid of rats

Triumph Pest control Tips And Advice on getting rid of rats.
Hi guys, Melvyn Williams here of Triumph Pest Control covering the South Wales region so if you are there here's some great tips for you and anyone else watching from outside f…

Noises in your attic or loft

Hearing noises in your attic or loft can be rats, mice, squirrels, birds, bees , wasps
Noises in Your Attic If you are hearing noises in your attic or Loft then you may have a few things if you are living in the UK. First it could be Rats in your attic space or l…

How To Get Rid of Rats in the House

Getting rid of rats in the house attic shed
How To Get Rid of Rats in the House, Attic,Garden, Shed,   Especially in the winter months I get a lot of calls for rats in their attic, rats in the garden, or we have seen …





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