Doing a Rat Drain Survey

Hi here we have a drain rat survey going on as there was a rat control issue we were dealing with as you can tell from the video below in the corners here and various other places there's ingresses which cause rats to come in, there are all sorts of ingress where rats can get in and these would need to be repaired by filling in as rats will come from the main sewer and into the ingress then from there they dig through soil, stones, sand and can then make their way into the cavities of the house and into the attic.

They can also go into flat roofs of buildings under floors ceilings pretty much anywhere, they will nest in the houses or property and then go back into the sewer systems to feed, over time they will feed from the house, start taking food from anywhere they can, dog food cat food bins, recycle bins food in cupboards.

In the video there's a pipe here that's leading up there to the customers house which is the pipes we're going to follow along here that's the one here now once again you can see the ingresses and then we're going to follow it up to the top into the garage theres a drain there follow a line all the way along to solve a

problem that's in the Attic of this property. 



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