How To Get Rid of Fleas In The House

Today we're talking about is fleas alot of people will have pet fleas in their property they will try and treat it themselves and rightly so they sell the products in the shops or online and they will try and use those after going through an X amount of money they still struggle to get rid of fleas in the house and so you will be reading this and and so now you can read this for help, with a help video at the end as well.

What we first of all say to yourselves is if you have a flea problem in your property you have tried doing it yourself, first of all have a chat with your local vet I know you can go to the shops and buy stuff but we find that having a chat with your local vet they will tell you in your area what flea treatments working best for the pets this year, they will tell you exactly what is working well, this is working really well this year locally.

Use this, so that will help get rid of the fleas quicker on the pet, there is preparation works to do before we arrive at your property, imagine yourself  going into each room of your house and to have each room clear,

Preparation To Get Rid Of Fleas in Your House

So all the floors clear make sure the plugs adapters on the floor, any iPads or paperwork so all the floor surfaces are clear so we can actually treat around the whole of the property,  so we're using the water mixture chemical treatment so we will spray throughout sometimes we use slight fogging machine which is ULV the ultralow volume which means more sort of a mist in the corners or from a spray it's called flushing out around their crevices, nooks and crannies and crevices so sort of get the fleas away from those areas, as they come out and then doing the spray treatment once that has been done. Most we will just do a spray, a thorough spray treatment and that tends to be totally fine depending on how bad a problem it is.

We tend to go into a property put our white overalls on, have a walk around and you usually we can see within a short space of time fleas jumping on our overalls. even once you start the treatment and you have got all of your equipment on, you know that the fleas will jump up onto you and it's sort of indication of how bad the problem is sometimes the tenants can tell us it's really bad and that gives us an indication so its depending on how bad the infestation is.

Having all the areas cleared in each room so we can safely spray around you don't have to move big lumps of furniture around we can work around and all that underneath that, if there are some bedrooms you know you've got stuff underneath the beds then make sure that's clear. Don't move you know like cat bedding or dog bedding don't put it high up somewhere because the fleas will be in the bedding sometimes.

Safety When Getting Rid of Fleas in The Home 

We don't spray treat the bedding for safety reasons we always say you know for the bedding if you're able to get rid of it. IF it's a bad problem then get rid of it, some people you know depending the size of the bedding give it a real good wash on the hot temperature or steam washing cleaning that could certainly help.

What we do upon our arrival is spray throughout your property, you have to be out of the property as well as any pets to be out, any cat flaps that you have to be safely locked if it is the automatic one the cat can't get back in whilst we're treating. We will spray throughout treat and then you'll get a full digital report from us and we then leave from the time we finish it would be then for you not to re-enter for five hours after so then it's safe to come back in. For one the floors are all wet so you don't slip over and that's how we would treat for fleas for you and then not to Hoover OR clean around anywhere for a good two weeks this is to allow the treatment to be in place not get washed away and be affected

Sometimes you get what we call re-emergence of fleas so three to four weeks later suddenly you can get fleas hatching out these are fleas that have been in the process of hatching into fleas and the chemical treatment will then get the Fleas when they hatch out so that's what we will cover for you when we're treating for fleas so if there's any questions you've got contact us and you can also watch the YouTube of this below please like us subscribe below. The part on fleas is the second part of the video below, its after the chat about rats, well worth listening to.

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