How to Get Rid of Rats in Bridgend

How to get Rid of Rats in Bridgend

Hi guys welcome to Triumph Pest Control, we are going to have a quick chat today with you guys about two things, one chat about how to get rid of rats in Bridgend and the other about fleas what we've been getting calls for in the last couple of months.

We are in September now so as we come to the end of September we will get calls for fleas. We get calls for fleas throughout July August into September depending on the weather the flea season, as we call it will be sort of ending soon we get the odd one maybe in the next couple of weeks that tends to be the case with ourselves, we will talk about fleas in a bit first of all having a chat today about rats and getting rats in your house.

Calling us the Ratcather in Bridgend

So a typical call we will get is a rat problem, the tenant, homeowner will be hearing noises in the Attic so what we are looking at is a situation where we will have an appointment made and usually we cover it over three visits the reason we do three visits is because we also want to look at your drain systems, these are the metal covers you have around your house, if you were to lift them up you would see a section of open pipes where all you sewage from your house passes through as well as water from taps and bathrooms. Whilst this is how you get rid of rats in Bridgend, we also go further and what happens next is we want to put CCTV Cameras down your drains to look for any breaks in the pipes a lot of domestic problems with rats will have holes or breaks in your drainage of some sort and that's what we are trying to look out for. 

These rat breaks can be anywhere, sometimes leading up to the back of toilets where there's connectors and the Rats will chew out through there, and going through breaks ingress in the actual chambers of where there's sewer pipes which we find when we pull up the drain covers 


What we have a look at is the network of drains around your home from one part to another along the main drains, sometimes if we can communicate with the neighbours next door then we can have a chat and have a look at theirs as well.

Solving Long Term Solutions for Rats in Bridgend

Sometimes Rats come across up cavities and into the roofs. Now they can also come into flat roofs. We get a lot where people have extensions and where people have built over an old drain system in the extension and not had the old drain system blocked off properly and that allows rats to come up the main sewer into the drain system around your home and then causing problems in the property or in the flat roof at the back, where the extension is or they can even go further into the attic space above the bedrooms.

One job we done recently of which we were called out and we put cameras down the drains we found a break they've had that repaired we were having problems in a flat roof we got rid of the rats, we've managed to have the drains repaired, we managed to check next door their drains were okay, they had some repairs done in the previous month's so at the moment having fixed the drain side of things having dealt with the rats internally, now we try everything we can not to put poison down but when we have to we say to our customers that rats can die in out of the way places causing bad smells maggots and flies that sometimes can happen. say so say in 20 jobs this is happening one occasion two occasions but we do mention that to the customers most customers are quite happy to go ahead, they just want to get rid of them and that's something they're prepared to take the risk on.


So this is how to get rid of rats in Bridgend, what we tend to do a mixture of baiting the attic space and then dealing with the drains downstairs outside and putting cameras down to see where these breaks are coming from sometimes they'll be nothing in the drains going on and they could simply be an old vent, an old washing machine pipe hole at the back, the rats have dug underneath the perimeter foundation of the building and gone up cavities that way.

What we call the T-shape this is where the rats are coming up to the attics and across, but coming across other roofs on either side or one side if semi-detached so these are some of the ways that we look to get rid of the problem with long term solutions which obviously it's finding the holes in the drainage systems and alleviating the problem there and therefore the customer not having the rats again where as they've maybe had them for the past two or three years where they get rid of the rats for a bit no one has looked at the drains we look at the drains put our cameras down and find those problems solving the long term solutions.

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