How To Get Rid of Rats in the House

How To Get Rid of Rats in the House, Attic,Garden, Shed,


Especially in the winter months I get a lot of calls for rats in their attic, rats in the garden, or we have seen a rat in the kitchen. One job recently for Pest control in Bridgend, the tenant had a rat in the house and it had jumped up into a baby chair and chewed through parts of the baby chair the tenants were horrified, we solved this problem in a number of ways, the first way we checked underneath the kitchen kickboards to see where the rats may have gotten in from, we moved various kitchen utilities around we looked on the outside of the property in this case front and rear and side as this was a semi-detached house we also lifted up the drain cover at the rear and we found rat droppings down in the sewer drain, from here this information led us to believe that rats could be coming from the sewer drain  up a break in the drain and then into the house having this knowledge of the drains which were broken we then looked inside and cavity gaps behind the kitchen washing machine it was then we found an old hole which may have been used for a utility we were able then to find another hole going in to where the electrics and cables were. Outside of the house we found drains where the water was coming out the kitchen units, and there were breaks around this Drain so we now know that the rats were coming from the drain outside sewer then into the cavity gap at the back of the house through the open holes leading from electrics and utility, that’s the old utility hole and into the house we solved the problem by baiting the drainage system after two weeks the problem was solved which left the drains and holes to be proofed and filled this was the long-term solution. 


Triumph Pest control carry out regular pest control in Bridgend, the issues a lot of the time is that rats will access people’s houses, garages, gardens, sheds, compost heaps.


Rats will access to the attic space the same ways as above tend to enter in the same ways as above and land up in the up the cavities And into the attic where they will nest that is when people call us for pest control in Bridgend and say we think we have rats in the attic you will hear rats in the attic sometimes and the noise will come and go people think they may have birds and all the time the rats are breeding if you think you have rats in your attic and you would like Triumph pest control to help give us a call and we can come and help you if you have any other issues Rat, Mice, Moths, Fleas, 


We cover pest control in Bridgend and all surrounding areas including pest control  Porthcawl, pest control Cowbridge, pest control Llantwit Major, pest control Maesteg,  so we have you covered. 


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