How To Get Rid Of Rats

Hi guys Melvyn Williams here from Triumph Pest Control, today we're going to be chatting about How to get rid of rats for good we're looking at about five different ways that we can stop them getting into your environment ie your home you shed your garage your roof the attic spaces first of those five we done a Job the other day for a lady with rats she had them in her garden they were really getting overrun they were coming from a nearby shed in another garden stroke in her garden very close and then what happened she had a rabbit where the rats would come into the rabbit hutch nicking the food and then going off, I think the rabbit was quite stressed out we were talking about it with the tenant.


Now the rabbit hutch we moved over to the other side of the garden part, we made sure food bits were not left around over this period of time. The reason for moving the rabbit hutch was because it was right near the house and above it was water drain pipes which the rats would have easily gone up into the roof and attic to nest as the rabbit food source was below and recycling food as well as food stored in an open place to feed the rabbit. 


Also the other part of the five things we're going to talk about today with how to get rid of rats and stop them getting into your house in the first place it's better to prevent something rather than let it happen. we get a lot of calls where people have had rats had them a while and want a Long Term Solution.


The first of the five would be the drainage systems I've mentioned this before so we'll just touch with it quickly they will come in through the drainage systems find breaks in the drains and then come up through the cavities up into the attic space and then you've got nesting. So secondly rats,


in this particular case we were doing this job the other day we had a walk around  with the tenant of the house and we found a number of places where we would need to prevent future things happening with rats in this case there was nothing going on with the drains. Around the perimeters what you want to look for is any holes going in to the property old drainage holes where water used to run out from an old washing machine anything like that rats commonly go inside there, into the cavities and then going up to the attic.


Thirdly of the five we had in this case, you know where you have your meters on the outside of your houses and you open them up and you see a little hole where the pipes go into the house usually they're be sealed off with the wire going through in this case they weren't there was a hole going directly in and had not be sealed at all so however that's happened that needs to be proofed up with wire wool in there and then putting a sealant over the top nothing too strong like cement or anything because if you've got someone coming to repair the gas, then

any wires that may go in there would need to be accessed. But enough that it can prevent rats also the little hole going down, that leads up into that that can be proofed as well on the meter you'll see the two holes one where they come up the pipe and then one will go into the building.


Okay that's another one of your long terms to get rid of rats, another part we found in this case you can look around where the shale and stones going around that's you can obviously check, keep a check every now and then maybe every few weeks or months depending on your needs. Rats will go underneath the shale and literally dig down under into the foundations and then up into the attic cavities.


We have other cases where they can go straight underneath the

garage door so if you've got your stuff in your garage bird feed, dog food, cat food, stored food also recycling gets stored in garge before collection day. If you have got food things make sure they're put into containers tight containers that the rats can't chew through and then keep an eye on them because if you put in strong plastic take a look regular in the early days because sometimes the rats chew through the plastics.


Also overhanging bushes and tree branches to the house provide easy access for rats into your attic space, so if you can get them cut back,


A quick Summary, of how to get rid of rats, Proof all hole around property, keep bins rubbish sealed properly and not up angst the house, keep pet cages and hutches sheds and pet foods stored safely away in proper containers, will discuss this further in video and chat or just give us a phone or through our social media channels.


Thanks Guys.



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