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Soon the lighter evenings will arrive in the coming months the weather will give way to warmer days and with this it will bring the summer pest we are all used to, we are at hand to help with Pest Control in Cardiff, for those of you who have wasps,ants fleas, bed bugs moths bees and so on. 

Common Summer Pests.


Summer finally arrives and so does the unwanted visitors with it. That’s right, we’re talking about those unfriendly little bugs who make their way through our doors or window and decide to deliberately stay.

Perhaps one or two -would rather none- would be something we could be okay with, but when it comes to summer in the UK, Pest Control in Cardiff is what we’re talking about here.


Wasps, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants, are just a few of the common insects that we might see during summer.


Far from being a matter of coexistence, these little visitors can give us stings, allergic reactions or even several health complications if we’re not aware of them.


As it is important to know what kind of bugs are we expecting for summer, here’s a list of the most common ones to appear during this hot season.


Cockroaches: definitely the household’s worst nightmare and enemy ever. These little ones are more likely to come in due to food crumbs, leftovers or moist places.


Contrary to what people use to believe about cockroaches’ desire for crumbs, it is due to their need for water in order to survive that they might sneak into our houses and terrify us.


So make sure not to leave your bathroom or kitchen wet and habitable for them. Or, you can call a Pest Control in Cardiff to treat your areas with the appropriate treatments


Mosquitoes: one of the most annoying visitors during summer are definitely these flying blood-seekers. 


Just like cockroaches, mosquitoes need water to survive. This is because they leave their tiny little eggs in it and a few days after, they turn into maggots to later turn into adult mosquitoes.


There are 33 mosquito species in the UK and each one of them can be avoided by using repellent in exposed skin areas or wearing clothes that cover you entirely.


Another unpleasant visitor has to be: wasps and bees… these flying little threats could constantly scare us when we’re just trying to have a nice meal at the park or enjoying the sun for a bit. 


Generally, bees are attracted to sweet things that resemble their principal object: pollen. Also, it is important to know that, as wasps, bees are attracted to bright colors, so you should highly consider wearing some white clothes whenever you get to go to outdoors.


When it comes to preventing, or deal with this kind of bugs, there are a few tips that you can take in consideration to come out unharmed from summer… 


Don’t leave sweets or any kind of sugary food outside your house, because this can turn into a target for bees. Also, look for nests or suddenly wasps agglomeration in your garden or backyard so you can detect it early and call an expert to eliminate it. 


In the other hand, we can also point ants as another type of summer invaders. There are different kind of ants in the UK, but the most common ones are the black garden ants, contrary to red, wood or flying ants, these one won’t sting you but they could surely turn into an unpleasant pest if you don’t take prevention. 


Other pests we can point out are spiders, ticks, ladybugs, spiders, and caterpillars… but the procedure with them is quite similar and probably will end the same way: calling a pest’s expert to treat this annoying summer dilemma. 


All said and done do enjoy your summer and rest assured Triumph Pest Control can help you and allow you to enjoy a wonderful season with no buggy-troubles, also, remember to take cheap solutions in consideration such as cleaning very well and not leaving comfortable or habitable places for this unexpected and probably threatening visitors. 

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