Noises in your attic or loft

Noises in Your Attic

If you are hearing noises in your attic or Loft then you may have a few things if you are living in the UK. First it could be Rats in your attic space or loft.

Secondly it could be squirrels in your attic or Thirdly it could be Mice in your attic or loft all you could have birds in the attic or lofts, (failing that someone is living up there without you knowing, I joke).

Wasps, Bees (these make a different sort of noise but none the less people do call us hearing them).

So let’s look at each of these individually Noises in your attic or loft If you have rats in your attic and it is insulated you can look around your attic space and look for pathways in the insulations these pathways look like what you would see on grass that has had a pathway used a lot on it. These pathways usually in my experience go to the corners of the roof attic space and they can go to other areas but I noticed this more often than not.

Also you will see holes inside the installation like tunnels you will notice these quite easily, if you are seeing also some droppings around these are all the signs that you have rats. Getting Rid of Rats these can be eradicated in a number of ways some people like to Eradicate them with rat traps, I do not use these or I should say I do not use them very often.

Now the noises in your attic or loft have been found to be Rats make sure you place the baits where you are seeing the runs and bait where the holes are this will help with a direct eradication effort keep replacing with bait until the rats eat no more be sure you haven’t no Bats in your roof space these are protected by law.

Rat traps in my opinion are a lot harder to catch an infestation of rats and sometimes the rats are so intelligent that they avoid the rat traps for some time or you will catch juvenile rats and not the dominant rats. A tip would be to put Bait on the rat traps but don’t set the rat traps this will get the rats used to eating off the traps with no sudden reaction for them to learn off giving them confidents to feed off the traps which are a new object to their environment as rats have something called neophobic reaction. Which means they are very aware of any new objects in their environment, so do this for a week then set the traps and plenty of them this will help your success rate.

We will now go onto discuss the causes Noises in your attic or loft

Getting Rid of Mice in your Attic or Loft

Getting Rid of Squirrels

Getting rid of a wasp nest in the attic or loft

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