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Hi guys and welcome to another post about the pest control bridgend blog.

Here today a quick chat to the pest control issue around Rats in Bridgend. Over the last couple I have been treating a lot of properties in Bridgend and all surrounding areas for rats,( as well as other pests) As you may have read in some of my other posts/blogs, I get people phoning me after hearing noises scratching in the attic in walls above kitchen in ceilings or under the floor boards. Most time it is the attic.

Now people will try numerous ways to get rid of them and eventually give us call for help and thats ok. We are a diy nation and sometimes you just need that extra help.


Rats can enter a house in a number of ways and they can be from a simple air vent open to drainage issues underground, The end goal is to solve the long term solution to your rat problems. 

SATGE 1 - Pest Control Bridgend

To investigate your whole property to see where the rats are potentially entering your property, setting up a plan of action to eradicate the Rats

This can take upto 2-3 hours sometimes. Full reports emailed, Full Health And Safety and appropriate Safety Data Sheets, all in digital format with photo if needed. Digital Signature taken and receipt of payment

Stage 2 - Arrange followup visit to monitor assess and advise on Long Term Solutions Consulting Advice.

Stage 3 - Ensure all rats are eradicated and long Term Solutions in Place 

So for Pest Control Bridgend any further info and a chat give me a call I will gladly help as much as possible

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