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Well over the last year pest control Bridgend has been quite busy with rats and other pests. Rat Control is quite a task to achieve and a lot more goes into the control of rats that you might first think.

Step 1

You the tenant will get rats and either, call us straight away to get your property back to normal, do it yourself and that is totally ok they sell rat stuff in the shops so why not, after doing the diy route you would have either got rid of the rats (well done) OR be reading this as the rats have not gone or have come back and still not got rid of them.

Step 2 

You are still reading this so you must be quite determined to solve your pest control in bridgend.

This is what we do for Rat pest control in Bridgend,

1) You will Phone us and we will have a good chat with you to understand your pest control problem, it can be any pest control issue, Rats, Mice, Wasps, Tree Bees, Ants, Fleas, Biting Insects, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Moths, Psocids, Moles, and so on. TODAY we are talking about Rats.

2) We will then arrange a treatment plan, to include

a) Carrying out a detailed survey of your property, looking for any routes where the rats may be entering your property.

b) We also carry out CCTV RAT N DRAIN CAMERA SURVEY of your drain systems see video below

The Majority of Rat control in Bridgend will involve the drains and sewer systems by where the rats are using them to enter your property, without dealing with this issue you will keep getting the rats back time and time again. Of Course you could just have some rats under a shed or in the garage or burrows in the garden, but mostly it is drains.

c) Now when we are at your property we will take time to make sure we professionally look everywhere including liaison with your neighbours if we need to.

d) We also make sure you the tenant are given enough reassurance that everything will be ok, as this can be a very distressing time for you.

e) We will carry out the appropriate work from our findings at your property informing you all the way, with solving your Rat problems and always looking to bring you the Long Term Solutions to your rat problem so they never return again.

f) We will digitally record all information into a report and email you this report each time we visit you, the reports includes all the works we are doing, health and safety data sheets, chemicals used, photographs where needed, what we have done, and next appointment times. 

g) All Works are Children And Pet Friendly



 h) On Follow up visits to your property we will monitor the rat problem and depending on the results of the inspection of both around your property and nearby properties and the CCTV RAT DRAIN SURVEY, we can start to conclude the Long Term Solutions to stop the rats returning.

Phone Us Now for Chat to discuss you rat problem, or any pest control Bridgend, My Name is Melvyn Williams 07548 217421

I am very familiar with doing Pest control Bridgend and all surrounding areas, some areas I have done are along the M4, along the A473 near The Old Bridge, A48, B4265 NEAR Ysgol Brynteg School, A4061, A4063 near Sarn, pretty much everywhere around these areas, including 10 miles around so don't worry I have you covered if your in Maesteg areas, Porthcawl, Nottage, Talbot green,Pontyclun and more.

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