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The amount of times we are contacted after someone has had an ongoing rat problem occurring in there house, property, cavities, noises in the attic, the list goes on and the frustration of the person can be heard.

Here at Triumph Pest control we bring the long term solutions and yes we have to get rid of the rats first carrying out a thorough investigation, using over 20 years of experience and a personal touch find out all we can about the history of the rat problem and the only person who knows that is you, we employ a number of techniques including investigation of house areas using thermal cameras where needed, and drainage investigation using CCTV camera surveys of drains and employing long term solutions from the results of these investigations.

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How Rats Use the Sewer System to Get About

Rate are universally abhorred for various reasons. For instance, when they infest your home they will not only eat your food but also transmit diseases. They are a health hazard. Unfortunately, even pest control professionals are faced with the dilemma of dealing with these rodents as they have found a new way of getting about using the sewer system.

Ridiculous as it may sound, rats are capable of using the sewer system to get into your home making it difficult to control them. How is this possible?Rats gain access to the sewer through outlets, manholes, broken pipes as well as drains that are near nest sites.

Well, sewers have been found to supply everything rats need for survival. From protection to warmth, food and water, the sewer system offers a conducive atmosphere for rats to thrive. They particularly do less foraging above ground during winter spending more time in the sewer, occasionally finding breaks within faulty joints of drain pipes.

They are able to live for a long time within the sewer by feeding on trapped or floating food scraps as well as faecal material on the sides of the pipes. In some instances, they will also feed on cockroaches found within the sewer.

How Rats use the Sewer to Get About

Rats use the sewer system to get about through several ways. They could burrow through the ground coming up under sidewalks or yards before entering your home. They may also follow lateral lines into a building before swimming through the floor drains. Rats are known to swim through way through traps inside toilets to enter building. In fact, in cases where a building is being demolished or constructed rats are able to migrate to the construction area if the sewer lines stay open.

Although tiny, rats are able to swim making it possible for them to survive in the sewer for long. What’s more? They can also dive and swim under water for at least 30 seconds. Their small size is also another feature that makes them adapt well in the sewer system by fitting into tiny spaces with ease given that their ribs are able to collapse when squeezed. Thus, they are not only able to get through tiny openings but also manoeuvre through toilet pipes that are usually narrow.

The other feature that makes it possible for rats to get about the sewer is the sharp claws that enable rats to climb over all manner of surfaces with ease. This coupled with the fact that they are incredibly flexible makes it possible for them to get through the sewer system into buildings and travel across different spaces and distances. As such, rats continue to be a huge problem because it is difficult to completely control their movement especially in those areas that you cannot see or access such as the sewer system.

Ultimately, pest control specialists can work with property owners to control the phenomenon by investing in better infrastructure among other things.

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