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If you live in Bridgend or Porthcawl then you probably are aware of those pesky Rats as well as other pest control porthcawl issues.

The typical call we will get is that you have heard some noises in the walls or in the attic and that you are not sure if it was birds or just imaging noises. Some people are aware they have rats and are looking for those ALL important Long term solutions. Some people would have had rats before and they come back thats where pest control porthcawl which we cover will be able to help we not only get rid of the rats but carry out intense survey investigations to see where the root causes of rats are coming from and these can be many but Just LOOK at our reviews to assure we are good at what we do. 

Pest Control Solutions

For Pest Control Porthcawl we have carried out our pest control services along the sea front to properties Mallard Way, Mary Street, The Portway, Suffolk Place in Porthcawl, The lovely cottages along Piladelphia Road, near Nottage Primary School. Fulmar Road, Nottage

We also do pest control Bridgend as well as pest control south wales.

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Some further reading on Rat control

The common ways rats get into your property

Rats move indoors to stay well fed and warm as the days continue to get colder. These rats may be small in size but they can cause huge worries for individuals. Not only can rats contaminate your food and surfaces with their various bacteria and salmonella, but these rats and their urine or fluids are vectors for hantavirus and various diseases. Rats can also bring ticks, fleas and other organism into your property.

Rats are brilliant swimmers and climbers and can jump into the air. These rodents are well-resourced to get into your property! Learn about the common ways rats are using to get into your property in other to control them.


Rats don’t find it hard getting into the sewers and entering into properties. They find openings in sewer pipes, under sewer covers and tunnel to the surface. Rats can climb up through as much as nine feet of grounds that are solid. Rats easily take advantages of any openings in your property and can enter your home through under sewer covers, opening in sewer pipes and toilet bowls.

Soil pipes

Soil pipe is the pipe that connects your sink and toilets to an underground drains and goes up to your property’s roof to vent all fumes. A soil pipe is fixed to you home floors and walls. It then journeys through your floors concrete slabs, so it is extremely secured and held firmly so it won’t move. Below the concrete slab of your property is your ground drains which lay in the soil. After many years, all the soil under the concrete slab will get dried and will shrink, which results in the soil pipe pulling out of the sockets gradually. These leaves a wide enough gap for rats to get under your property. Once the rats are out of the drains, they can climb up your wall cavity and get under your floorboards.


Rats can also gain access into your property using holes or entry points in your roof. The most usual points for these rats to get into your room are through openings in your roof vents and damaged roof space. Location like these provide instant entry point for rats to gain access to your attic and to the roof area. Some property structures have gaps around the vent where these rats can slip through.

If your property has a tile roof, then it is very easy for rats to get under and freely move. The main purpose of using a tile roof is to keep the sun off the sub-roof. The sub-roof is commonly made of plywood with layers of tar paper covering it and its main purpose is to make the roof water proof.  Rats may just nest under the tile, especially if the tile is under a tree.

Rats can chew through the tar paper and enter your property through the wall, in the arears where your roof tile meets the wall.

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