Tips And Advice on getting rid of rats

Hi guys,

Melvyn Williams here of Triumph Pest Control covering the South Wales region so if you are there here's some great tips for you and anyone else watching from outside for that to be a matter of fact.

Some great tips if you're looking to resolve a rat problem. They are, make sure, I always recommend especially if you're going in the attic, wear A hard hat the baseball cap type are good. Saves you hitting yourself on the head with the beams. Be careful not to fall through the floor. Some other tips, always wear gloves, a mask. Glasses always handy, stop you getting dust in the eyes.

So let's move on, if you are having rats and you wanna put some rat traps in, there are different sources. There's the Rat Trap, If you've got them, when you set the trap, make sure the part where it flips over is against the wall. Or against a solid wall just check the video out below. Make sure it's pet safe, children safe, or any cats, Don't put the rat Traps outside exposed on their own, You don't want a cat getting caught in it, or any other species of bird or anything.




You can get rat boxes, set them, once again, put them against the wall, if you've got them in the garden or against the fence where the rats are running along.

So what you wanna do is, there's the wall, put the rat trap against it that's put the bait on the rat trap, boom. Leave it for a few days. This is important Leave it for a few days without setting the trap. Let them get used to feeding on it, then set the trap with the bait, boom. And if you've got an attic, you need quite a few Rat Traps.

You've probably seen some of my other information I've given out, tips and advice.

Look where the runs are in the attic, place them there.

Okay, if you're doing the baiting side of things, then bait along those runs, keep baiting until there's no more bait. Bait inside the holes, this is in the attic.

Be very careful when you're outside baiting, you wanna be careful that you're not poisoning anything else out there, okay guys. So that's tips for getting rid of rats. When we do treatments on your property for rats, a lot of rats come in through the drainage, we will carry out a survey of your drains to your house, okay.

That's in the rat service we can provide for you. thats tips and advice for getting rid of rats, Cheers guys, hope that's helpful. Give us. a call 07548 217421

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