Using a Pest Control App and Instagram

Hi guys Melvyn Williams here from Triumph Pest Control just on the way to do a mouse job it's a customer I've had

before. It's really good I have a digital system which stores all my data and all my customers information.

if I'm going on a job it has all the data inputted in, on-site I can take pictures with it any problems I can email it straight to a landlord in this case with their tenant and that goes directly to them I can take photos I can take credit card payments which I've done in this case already before going to the job and that's all in the app system I recommend getting an app for when you're doing your pest control any other trade come to that, it saves a lot of time it's has all the information stored from last time that's really good so I'm doing this job now,



in between I've been working as I say as a small business owner I've been working on my facebook Instagram what I've been doing on my Instagram of late is going

into areas locally where where my business operates from and then looking at other top Instagram places and hashtags of areas and then

going into people and commenting, it can be quite boring stuff or laborious but it's got to be done so I'm trying to keep up on that every day and that's commenting on areas and choosing an appropriate hashtag people around or businesses and just making a few comments something that makes sense

so I got a quite a bit of this information off someone I follow on Instagram and various other things I found originally on YouTube it's a

gentleman in America called GaryVee I think he's very good it's valuable information and I just want to share that as well so I'll catch up with you later guys

This is Melvyn Williams of Triumph Pest Control,a pest controller on his daily business journey as a small business owner as well so good luck guys out

there and whatever trade you're doing catch you later bye.



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