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Reviewed by Steve Price on
I called triumph (Melvin)and he was at my house within the hour , found the cause of my problem and dealt with it in a very professional way ,he still has to return but so far haven't heard anymore rats which I'm very grateful for , very professional service ,I wouldn't hesitate to call Melvin again if the problem returned, excellent service
Reviewed by Eve on
A fantastic service. Polite, professional and prompt. Able to give good considered advice.
A wealth of knowledge and experience.
Reviewed by Hanni on
I can't stress highly enough how good Melvyn is at his job. He is professional, passionate and knowledgable. We moved into a new house which had rats and was very distressing.

Melvyn attended the property found the point of entry in literally 10 minutes. He set up CCTV to monitor movements, baited appropriately and gave excellent advice. He liaised with us via Whatapp giving regular updates and answering questions.

We end up getting ratflaps fitted as well as other remediation suggested by Melvyn and the rats have gone with no signs so far!

On top of all this, Melvyn is just a fantastic person - friendly, sympathetic and understanding. He could tell how much the problem was bothering us and made sure we felt at ease when the work was in progress.

Seriously - if you have a pest problem - this is the man to help you!
Reviewed by Mark Lewis on
Great service. Had a mice issue. Called late on a Friday and Melvyn was at my property within a couple of hours. Spent the time to survey the house in and out. Came back on two additional occasions to complete the job and fingers crossed seems to have done the trick!

Very friendly and was able to answer all my questions to put me at ease over what he was going to do etc which I feel a lot of businesses aren't particularly good at.

Would highly recommend. Thank you
Reviewed by James Gregory on
Melvyn always responded incredibly quickly to my enquiries. His advice was thorough and handled sensitively without any pressure for follow up services. Recommend without hesitation.
Reviewed by Carolyn T on
I contacted Melvyn about a suspected rat living in our attic. He was very professional and forensically checked the property for rodent access points. Although it took some time to resolve the problem, due to it being a bit of a canny old rat, by using a variety of methods, Melvyn's persistence won out in the end and Im happy to say that we are no longer woken by the sound of scuttling above us in the night!

Thank you so much Melvyn, you went above and beyond and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone with a similar problem.
Reviewed by Chris on
We employed Triumph pest control to solve our rat problem and he did what everyone before him failed to do. He employed an almost Sherlock Holmes approach methodically covering every angle and wouldn't rest until he was completely satisfied.
Reviewed by Steve Price on
Thank you Melvin, excellent service
Reviewed by Steve Price on
I called triumph (Melvin)and he was at my house within the hour , found the cause of my problem and dealt with it in a very professional way ,he still has to return but so far haven't heard anymore rats which I'm very grateful for , very professional service ,I wouldn't hesitate to call Melvin again if the problem returned, excellent service
Reviewed by Kate Hill on
I called Melvin in a blind panic after seeing rats in my garden.
Melvin was very reassuring and came to do an inspection within the hour. Melvin talked me through the whole process and carried out the work.
Melvin has since been back twice and has solved the problem , he has also given advice as to how we can prevent this happening again.

We are so impressed by the work that has been done, Melvin is professional but carries out the work with a sense of humour that puts you at ease.
I would highly recommend Truimph to anyone, and if I needed too wouldn’t hesitate in calling him.

Thank you so much
Reviewed by Laura on
I am extremely happy because with the help of Triumph Pest Control we nipped a mouse problem in the bud with a minimum of fuss and disturbance. I was extremely reassured by Melvyn's calm, strategic and knowledgeable approach. I was impressed with the inspection in particular, I learned so much about my own house and have already sorted out a number of issues that were pointed out to me in order to prevent future problems. I would use Triumph again and would recommend to others. I was also happy because all visits were Covid-secure.
Reviewed by Gary on
A great company who enthuse about client service .Melvyn was knowledgeable , prompt and explained every step of the process over his three visits. A pleasure to deal with.
Reviewed by David on
Melvyn is simply brilliant. When we spotted a couple of rat holes in our flower bed, we were more than a little concerned but Melvyn managed the eradication process superbly. He is both friendly and reassuring, whilst his attention to detail is second to none. He thoroughly investigated the problem and came up with a solution that was both effective and entirely sympathetic to our rural surroundings, and the other harmless wildlife that lives here. He is now on my speed dial should anything happen again in the future. Thoroughly recommend!
Reviewed by Thomas on
Fantastic service - Melvyn is ever professional and always look out for his customers.
Reviewed by Mark on
I had to call Triumph because of pesky meeces had decided to make their home behind our kitchen cabinets. Thought there was something wrong when we found half eaten biscuits in our cupboards!
Melvyn was brilliant, on time and really knowledgeable about our issue.
After the 3 visits the mice have gone totally and if I ever have a reason to call a pest control company again, this is the only one I would call.
Do not hesitate in contacting them folks!
Reviewed by seyed on
We contacted Triumph Pest control as we had a problem with rats in our home.
Melvyn came to see us the same day and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
He fully investigated the problem and was able to successfully rid our home of the unwelcome visitors.
He has offered a great deal of helpful advice over 3 visits, to try to make sure that the rats are permanently excluded.
We would certainly recommend Melvyn and Triumph Pest Control without any hesitation.
Reviewed by Stephen on
Melvyn, thank you for your prompt and excellent service , problem has been fully investigated and cause identified, now in the process of addressing this. Thank you for your help.
Reviewed by Rhys on
Melvyn was very friendly and very knowledgeable. Responded quickly to my email and arrived the next morning to do the work. Would recommend to others that need help with pest control.
Reviewed by Kay on
Excellent service! Recommended
Reviewed by Jackie on
Yet another excellent job from Melvyn. Thank you for your quick response. Im now wasp free.
Reviewed by anne on
Very fast and efficient service to eradicate a wasps nest. Like the promise to return free of charge in a few days if not completely gone.
Reviewed by Claire Pritchard on
Very helpful and friendly! Full of advice and thorough in his work. Highly recommend
Reviewed by C R on
Super speedy response, called on a public holiday, call returned almost immediately and came the very next day. Very thorough and knowledge. Always on time, friendly and polite. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Sarah on
I rung this company and they were with me within 2 hours. Melvyn was professional put me at ease and dealt with our rat problem in our garden immediately with enthusiasm and attention to detail. I would definitely recommend this company and have felt reassured and confident in his work ethic.
Very friendly, personable gentleman. No sign of rats since his visit.
Many thanks. First class service
Sarah Kenfig Hill
Reviewed by Nader Ibrahim on
Extremely professional service very efficient, great contact, flexible, and sorted our problem without difficulty. He worked around our schedule without a fuss, wouldn’t think twice about recommending him! Thank you
Reviewed by Nige on
Having read the reviews left online, I decided to go with Triumph over the many other local services advertised and boy I'm glad I did. Melvyn has been a true professional in every respect.,to get the correct advice and action during what can be a very distressing time is so reassuring .His enthusiasm to solve the issue, his thorough investigation and 3-step process over 3-4 week period which he kept in touch all the way through has been nothing short of excellent. Melvyn went above and beyond to get the matter sorted and would highly,highly recommend Triumph if your in need of help with any manner of pest control. An honest,friendly service and very reasonable rate which is a breath of fresh air these days. Thank you Melvyn, all the best to you mate!
Reviewed by Ernie on
Melvin did a great job in eradicating our rat problem and gave me the knowledge and confidence to keep our house now rat free. I would recommend Triumph Pest Control for there professional dealings and in dept knowledge of pest problems.
Reviewed by Kirsty on
Great Service treated Our wasp nest.
Reviewed by JACI on
Thanks for A1 service on the wasp problem. Top Job done. Thankyou.
Reviewed by Ryan on
Melvyn arrived within a few hours after first being contacted. Quickly spotted the cause very helpful in getting rid of our pesky visitors! Great advise for long-term solutions Highly reccomended. Cheers Triumph
Reviewed by Lisa on
Melvyn was fantastic from start to finish. Very professional explained everything that I needed to know, nothing was too much trouble. Prompt and discreet service and very reasonable prices. Can highly recommend! Thank you.
Reviewed by Kelvin Johns on
Triumph provided an excellent service with quick response and regular follow-ups. After all signs of rodent activity had ceased, Melvyn performed a tidy-up and final check, and made recommendations as to how to prevent a recurrence. Altogether a very good outcome at a reasonable price. I would recommend Triumph Pest Control to everyone.
Reviewed by James on
Quick response, punctual, good communication and very experienced. Very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Well recommended
Reviewed by Simon Wheeler on
Excellent service. Melvyn came out at the agreed time and his level of professionalism was reassuring and outstanding. I would highly recommend.
Reviewed by Julie on
Brilliant service provided by Melvyn, very professional, thorough, great advice when we had a rodent problem now on a yearly plan so great piece of mind. Couldn't wish for a friendlier person who is extremely helpful and takes you through every step. Would thoroughly recommend him. Many thanks for your help Melvyn much appreciated.
Reviewed by Amanda on
Excellent prompt assistance and diagnosis given. Even though it turned out to be bees you gave such valuable advice. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by R .Guy on
Called in Mervyn following mice in our loft. He came very promptly, explained fully the situation and suggested how the "problem" could be solved. He quickly got involved and was at all times efficient. He will continue to monitor our property and will call regularly to ensure we are mouse-proof. Thank you, Mervyn. I have no hestitation in recommending him as a very professional and effective contact for others in our situation.
Reviewed by Rick on
I'm allergic to wasp stings so had to get rid of the nest in my garden pretty quickly. Melvyn arrived promptly, got dressed into his anti-wasp space suit & went into battle. It's now 4 hrs since he left & I've just been down to sight the carnage. Glad to report that it is now all quiet on the scene of battle - not a sign of the wasp invaders. Good job Melvyn.
Reviewed by Alun on
I contacted Triumph Services with concerns of rats in my attic of which I got a very prompt response. The Technician was very friendly and reassuring, resolving my problem and going above and beyond his job role. Would recommend every time .
Reviewed by Martyn Potter on
Wow....what a rapid response. We contacted Triumph Services due to having hundreds of ants in our front room coming from the wall. We have 3 small children and it was very urgent...the technician was very reassuring on the phone and said he would be with us within 10 mins!! He calmed me down and reassured us all the ants have been dealt with. He found 2 ant nests at the front of the house and treated them and the whole of the outside around the house. He advised us to contact him if any problems free of charge.....highly recommended amazing service can't thank you enough!
Reviewed by michele thomas on
We contacted Melvyn after hearing noises in the attic , he quickly confirmed our suspicions and set out an action plan for us . Melvyn is very professional in all that he does but is also very friendly and approachable .When we contacted him with any worries or concerns our queries were answered very quickly and our minds put at rest . Melvyn was very knowledgeable and experienced and updated in all the latest gadgets available on the market for rat control . Melvyn helped us with the decontamination and clearance of our attic , camera survey of our drainage system and fitting of a rat flap onto our sewer pipe all at a fair price ... he worked very hard . We felt that Melvyn went the extra mile with us and genuinely took pride in all his work . I would have no hesitation in recommending Melvyn for any service you may require with a friendly and personal touch .
Reviewed by Samantha on
When Melvyn visited us we were in rather a state of distress following an alarming report of heavy rodent infestation from another company. We were so worried and wanted a second opinion and we are so pleased we found Triumph. Melvyn is professional and understanding and completely explained the situation without scaremongering. His prices are fair and transparent and we had real faith in his knowledge and expertise. He alleviated our initial panic and began the procedure of pest control without delay. The whole process was carried out with discretion and the rodents were eradicated after 3 visits as he predicted. We know we can contact him in future if we have further concerns. Best of all was the knowledge we were rodent free but equally helpful was the advice on long term solutions to help prevent future unwanted visitors. I would thoroughly recommend Melvyn for his service and would definitely give Triumph thumbs up for a trustworthy company.
Reviewed by jane on
Great from beginning to end I am a pensioner and Triumph looked after me from the start, showing ID making sure my family knew what was happening and now I am Pest Free.
Reviewed by Marc cook on
With the ongoing Pest problem we have been having, tried the usual trapping ourselves with no joy (£400 on high end traps)! and paying council! Nothing seemed to be solving the problem. The Council simply wanted to put poison down, they were not interested in helping us solve the long term solutions.
Finally I came across Triumph, they have been fantastic! They helped me identify the root causes of my problem and got rid of the rats permanently!
If you have a Pest issue, it's definitely worth giving Triumph Services a go!
Reviewed by Mike on
Top Man is Melvyn done a great job with the mice in our floor boards, Great job defo recommend
Reviewed by Liam on
Triumph Pest Control from the very first phone call they were excellent, they auctioned works on the same Saturday. Very thorough prompt and discreet throughout with the long term solutions provided which was excellent. The source of the problem was located and is now under control.
Reviewed by Jerry on
Quick thank you for getting rid of rats in our attic, Triumph Pest Control came around explained everything, didn't feel as worried once the technician talked us through things. Also gave us long term solutions to a problem we had had before. Five star from us.
Reviewed by Meeka on
Just to say thanks to Melvyn, we called him for a rat problem, he was so thorough and explained everything to us, felt much better by the time he had finished his visit to us, the service was bespoke to say the least, using cameras to see hidden cavities and thermal cameras too after his 3rd visit we had no more rats and he left us with plenty of adive too, thanks again highly recommend.
Reviewed by James on
Great Service A+++ thanks
Reviewed by Roy on
Great job got rid of my mice and even worked around my busy time schedule.
Reviewed by Jane on
At first I called a National Company who let me down terribly. Called Melvyn and he was here just a little over an hour, he dealt with everything in a reassuring and professional manner, highly recommended second to none service 5 stars from me.
Reviewed by Rhian on
Good Service Phoned for a wasps nest that needed treating, Melvyn got here within the hour, reasonable price, informative friendly discreet and very detail in his work would not hesitate to recommend
Reviewed by Kelvin Assiratti on
Very quick and professional service to get rid of a wasp nest in a tree in our garden. Melvyn is a very nice & knowledgeable man. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks very much.
Reviewed by Rhian on
Very professional from start to finish thanks Melvyn
Reviewed by Angie on
Great job sorted out a rat infestation in the attic, cavities, very professional would definitely recommend this company.
Reviewed by Peter on
Eradicated our Wasps nest, arrived very quickly and explained what to expect, no more Wasps now thanks Triumph.
Reviewed by Marcia on
Completely satisfied with the service I received to remove a wasps nest in the hedge in my garden where my grandchildren play ,the gentleman was very professional, knowledgable and thorough. I would not hesitate in recommending this company again.
Reviewed by Rawi on
Melvin managed to clear our entire infestation over four visits. Excellent job with brilliant advice on follow up action.
Reviewed by Raj on
very happy, we had rats and the technician was very informative that made us less anxious, he solved the problem thank you.
Reviewed by Mike on
Great job thanks very much, wasps all gone, the roofers can start now.
Reviewed by Keith on
Very pleased with Triumph Pest Control, They resolved my issues very rapidly and in timely manor thanks again.
Reviewed by Brian on
We phoned Triumph pest control after getting fleas, they were very detailed, explained everything, told us what we needed to do, even got a courtesy call before arrival, they dealt with the flea problem, thanks for all your help. Bridgend
Reviewed by Sian-Cardiff on
Very happy with the Service thank you
Reviewed by Lisa on
Melvyn the Pest Control man was very professional explained everything, arrived when he said he would, was very detailed in his work and got solved our rat problem, will recommend with no hesitation.
Reviewed by Mike on
As our cat preferred sleeping to chasing mice, we called in Triumph Pest Control to get the job done. Great Job thanks for the speedy resolve to this problem.

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