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 Facts about Bed bugs

When you think of bed bugs, you may think of pesky little critters crawling around your home, in your sheets, and around your bed.

  • Contrary to what you may think, bed bugs rarely have anything to do with the condition in one's home.
  • Bad hygiene or dirt accumulation don't have anything to with bed bugs either.
  • They typically just breed very quickly and tend to follow you wherever you may go, unless proper measures are taken to get rid of them.
  • These bugs can be easily transported, particularly on clothing or in luggage.
  • To help you identify what a bed bug looks like and to make you aware of their habits, they are usually reddish- brown or brown and are shaped like tiny ovals.
  • Bed bugs survive primarily off of human blood. The blood that they injest in generally replaced by their saliva.
  • These bugs are not considered to be nocturnal, however the majority of their activity occurs at night.
  • It is said that stubborn bed bugs can survive for up to six months, even without the human blood that they usually feast upon.
  • Bed bugs particularly prefer to nest in dark areas where they can hide.
  • Areas of preference include mattresses, wood furniture, sheets, cracks, boxes, draws, wall plugs, and so on.
  • Once the bugs bite, a rash is often left behind.
  • Getting rid of bed bugs is usually a complex process.
  • Usually an investigation of the infested area is done in order to identify the source of the problem.

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     bed .jpg               in respirator.jpg 

The pictures above show where bed bugs have been found beneath a mattress in the frame of the bed. The technician is wearing his PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to carry out the necessary works in your property.

     bug3.jpg              bug4.jpg

With the photos above we have close ups of bed frames where the black dots/spears are bed bug faeces these are another sign you may have a bed bug infestations. The eggs that are laid by bed bugs are very tiny white specs you can see them just about in the pictures above.

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