Did you know 5% of Flea Infestations are Adult Fleas on your Pet (or getting on you and biting you/feeding on your blood) the other 95% of the flea infestation is in your home in the form of eggs, Larvae and Pupae

Fleas are parasites of warm blooded animals; spending most of their life on their host and feeding on its blood. Fleas usually stay with one host, but if it is absent they will feed on other animals, including humans. Most domestic infestations are caused by cat or dog fleas. 

Fleas lay their eggs in animal bedding or carpets. When the eggs hatch, larvae emerge, which grow and then pupate. The pupae may remain dormant in empty houses for some time and only hatch when animals or humans enter the area and provide themselves as a host.

Before we arrive

Flea Control - Triumph Pest Control asks you to Prepare your home for treatment In order for us to carry out an effective service and complete job of eliminating the fleas in your property, you must help us by doing the following before we arrive to treat your home:

• Remove all toys, cushions, decorative items and other items from the floors, this will enable us to treat all areas of the floors in your property.

• Remove all articles from under beds in each bedroom, on cupboard floors, also from under furniture, this is because fleas can be here and the treatment needs to get to these areas.

• Hoover all floors and upholstered furniture to remove animal hair, organic debris, fleas, flea eggs and pupae

• Remove bag after hoovering and place in bin bag and disposed of in a bin outside of the house.

• Take your Pets to a vet for treatment

• Keep children/kids and pets away from treated areas until insecticide has dried out completely, 4-5 hours, check on entering back to property areas are all dry.

• Do not vacuum for at least 2-3 weeks after treatment.

As eggs hatch and develop, fleas can start reappearing 2-3 weeks after treatment - this is quite normal and as long as the insecticide remains in place it will kill them. This is why it is important not to clean/hoover treated areas which can remove the insecticide.

This will give the insecticide time to eliminate all stages of the flea infestation Remember, your help is essential to flea control. As you can see we will do our part as well.

When we are treating your property for fleas, your pets and yourselves will need to be out of the property during treatment and then for a good 5 hours after treatment. A lot of our customers arrange to go out on the day of treatment, stay at family, shopping, go to work, whatever they need to do. We usually take a spare key, or another door key (like a back door key) then once we have finished post the key back in to the property and then text or phone you to let you know that we have finished the treatment.

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The above stages show where the adult emerges searching for a host and seeks a meal of blood which is your pet or yourselves and family, a female flea can start egg laying within 48hrs of a blood meal.

Female Fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day which hatch in 1-10 days.

The Larva stage are the worm like form that burrow into pets bedding, cracks and crevices, carpets, bed areas in fact once an infestation gets a hold they can be pretty much every where. Larva stage is about 6-12 days.

The Pupa stage is the stage before the Fleas emerge, most commonly 1-4 weeks. Fleas can remain dormant for up to 6 months waiting for its blood meal. Quite often a tenant will move into a property that has been empty for a while and suddenly an out break of fleas erupt biting them many times.

Causes of Re-infestation

If you are still having a flea infestation after treatment, some causes are,

The premises have been cleaned or hoovered prior to the 14 - 21 days after treatment.

It is also possible that someone or a pet has picked up fertile fleas and brought back to re-infest.

Your pets were not treated satisfactorily / check with vets to get the recommended treatments in your area.

Poor house management.

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