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Wasps do not spread infectious diseases in the same way that flies and cockroaches do, but they can contaminate food and can deliver a painful sting, which to hypersensitive individuals can be life threatening. Wasps are social insects; queen wasps, the only individuals that survive over the winter, start a new nest in the spring, these nests are usually underground or in buildings.


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Early in the summer wasps present few problems and, in fact, are useful garden predators because the workers feed on a number of plant parasites such as aphids. Later in the summer, the workers main job is done; they become semi-redundant and have time to indulge their attraction for sweet foods. They enter kitchens and other food premises - especially bakeries. The use of mesh screens and covers for food products help prevent contamination.

Treatment of nests is always best left to professional pest controllers.

If you have an active nest in or around your property and the wasps are worrying you, phone the number given above; we can usually arrange a treatment within 90 minutes of your call.

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