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When at your property or interacting with you, we will carry out social distancing keeping a minimum distance of 2m between each other and will not engage in direct contact such as the shaking of hands.

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We carry out guaranteed treatments for all pests including Wasps, Bees, Black Ants, Red Ants, RatsMice, Fleas, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Grey Squirrels, Moles, Fruit Flies, Silverfish, Firebrat, Carpet Beetle, Moths, Biting Insects, Pharaoh Ants, Spiders, Cluster Flies, Flies in Attics, Bird Mites, Psocids, Woodlice and more.

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Pest Control in Swansea

We solve different types of Pest control in Swansea, below are some case studies of past problems with Pests that we have come across and solved in Swansea.

Rats in the Attic

The dreaded Rats in the Attic. This particular job that was carried out for Rats, started with the customer who was hearing noises on and off in the attic, and they were also hearing noises in the walls but they were not sure and put it down to birds or something on the roof, after a few months the noises in the attic had become more frequent and it was now winter time and they reckoned it could not be birds as it was winter time.

After having a chat on the phone and asking a few questions, the homeowners decided it was time we come and have a look at the situation as all the indications were pointing to a Rat infestation to the property, and the tenant wanted to know how to get rid of the rats in the attic.

How to get rid of rats in the attic

When we get reports of Rats in someones attic the solutions can vary, depending on where the rats are coming in, when we arrived at this particular tenants house it was a dormer bungalow. Once we had knocked on the door, we waited for an answer and the gentleman answered the door we said hello introduced ourselves, presented our business card and as we were invited in put on our blue cover shoes so as not to walk any potential dirt into the house. Below is a picture of how we enter your home and yes there was a person attached to these work boots and blue covers when we walked in to the property.


After a further talk with the tenant we started our thorough Survey of the property.

From talking with the tenant we found out the property had a whole area underneath it that you could crawl around on your hands and knees, so we needed to investigate this further


As you can see from the photos above it was quite a tight fit. We investigated all the areas below the dormer bungalow and then carried on to investigate up to the ground level. A lot of people do not realise that Rats will enter properties through the smallest of gaps but more so through the Sewer and Drain Systems. But do not worry we can carry out Rat CCTV Drain Camera Surveys of your Drains.

Having progressed to look at ground level so to say as we had already been under the Bungalow, we checked for any small holes, broken vents, old vent holes, missing brick work, and so on. Below is where on one job the rats had got through some broken vents and up the cavity wall and into the house attic that way.




Now back to the job in hand we could not find any obvious holes however we did notice mesh had been place over an old hole could have been for an old washing machine vent, this gave rise for concern that maybe there were past Rat problems that even the tenant was not aware of, sometimes if you have just moved into a property recently (as was the case here) and you get on well with the tenants next door is to ask if there is any history of Rats in the area, (and your not too embarrassed, which by the way you shouldn't be, but we do understand thats why we listen to our customers for pest control in Swansea by having unmarked vehicles as you can see below.)


In this case we were lucky to catch the neighbour and with the tenants permission asked him if he had any knowledge of rats in the past and low and behold there had been ongoing issues for years. After a lengthy back history from the neighbour we asked if the sewer drain systems were ever investigated and he said no. we thanked the neighbour and in the process the tenant now had got to know his neighbour a bit better, not in the traditional way mind, Over a cup tea.

The next part of our investigation was now to check out the drains and Sewer Systems. Now at this point you maybe thinking , why are you not going straight to the attic after all thats where the problem is, thats where all the noises are. Well you are right we could just go to the Attic space, but we need to solve the Long Term problem of Rats and prevent them from coming back, thats why we are thorough in our investigations, the problem could be anywhere as each rat infestation can be different. 

Lifting up Drain Sewer Cover for Rat Control Inspection 


Once we lifted up the Drain Sewer Cover, we left it for a while so as not to breath in any gases that might be escaping from the sewer system. Once we had done this the inspection of the immediate sewer area where the sewer pipes could be seen, we noticed holes around the edges, these were enough for Rats to enter into from the Sewer System and then make there way to the Cavity wall of the Bungalow and up into the Attic.

Now we had an idea of the potential places where the Rats could be coming in it was time to look into the attic space, in the attic there were signs of Rat activity, a little harder to get the full extent of the problems as there had been new insulation fitted not so long ago.

A bit more investigation showed old insulation underneath had a lot more evidence in the form of Rat Droppings and smells, and smear marks in places and rat runs in the insulation. 

All areas from here were baited and next visit to the property would be monitoring the areas of activity and a CCTV Rat Drain Survey.


Once the Rat CCTV Drain Survey was carried out a hole was found in the Drain/Sewer Pipe Systems. 



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