Mice Pest Control

Mice can be identified as much smaller than rats so you can be sure to know the difference in most cases, sometimes people will see the mice move fast across a floor and mistake it for maybe being a rat.

Although smaller Mice are still capable of spreading diseases and causing damage. Mice will Knaw the same as Rats, reaching about 8-9cm long and their tails adding a further 8cm. Like  Rats, Mice have poor eyesight and good sense of smell hearing and taste is very good. You can find Mice inside and out of buildings commonly under floor boards or office flooring in cavities as well as behind piping and wall cavities.

Mice when looking for food and foraging around will move all over the place across work tops food products and dart from he to there investigating nibbling and knawing on most things leaving behind urine and droppings on its way this causes contamination and disease.

Mice will have a life expectancy of about 1 year they can breed at about 6 weeks old, producing up to six mice at a time and they can do this up to eight times a year.



With our inspection cameras we are able to see and survey those out of the way places where mice will be and leave signs of their infestation.


Mice can be found in all sorts of places and looking under kitchen units can be a good place to look for any signs usually droppings are the first signs or a mouse seen darting across a floor space in front of you.



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